Interested in booking me for an event in your area?

All events are booked through Chaffee Management. Find more information here!


Due to so many unknowns in the future because of COVID19, I am taking precautions for future speaking events. Throughout the summer and all of 2020, I am still booking virtual events. If you are interested in booking me for a virtual retreat, conference, or event, I’d love to explore that with you.

For 2021 I am booking in-person events as well as virtual events, also with the expectation that some of the in-person events may become virtual if it is unsafe to gather and/or travel.

If you’re interested in hiring me to speak in 2021, you can discuss the details of this with my agent, Jim Chaffee. 

We are in an unprecedented time we couldn’t have prepared for, but I believe that we can still learn from one another. I want to continue journeying with you through stories, experiences, and truth-telling.


photo by Amy Paulson


Here are some of the details of events for the fall, up until 2021, and if you’re interested, contact my agent for more information.


90 minutes including lecture and Q&A – $1500

Each additional lecture per event – $500

Panel discussion with other speakers or faculty – $500


Topics include:

1. Searching for Truth (Beginnings, Storytelling): 

Based on the first few sections of my new book Native, this talk draws on the importance of storytelling in our society today. It also examines what it means to practice collective belonging while asking means to “begin again” in the face of a future that feels so unsure. (For women’s gatherings, this talk uses a more direct way toward what it means to embody a curious, authentic, feminine power in our time).

2. Working together to Build a Better World: 

Focuses on ideas, from Native, of how we can practice solidarity with one another in asking what kind of world we want for future generations. 

3. Bearing Fruit (why we have hope): 

Exploring themes from Native, we will look at the work of activism, prophetic truth-telling, and resistance as tools to guide us to be better people who care for one another and this earth in a way that brings collective wholeness. We will also look at why and how we have hope in difficult times.

And shorter conversation topics are available:
• How the writing process has shaped who I am
• The role that self-care plays in the writing process
• What it has been like to be a creator in the time of COVID.

All talks and conversations are available for your conference/event only and cannot be publicly released on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other public platform.

photo by Amy Paulson