We live in a chaotic time, full of grief, fear and a lot of unknowns. What will the future be like? How will we make it through this? What will bring us hope right now?

In these times, we turn to words, art, music, nature, and the gift of belonging for hope. We write letters and make phone calls to tell people we love them. We send messages on social media to remind others that they aren’t alone.

So, I wanted to create an opportunity for those of us who want to use words to bring hope. I wanted to create a space for those who are tired to be reminded that their exhaustion is real and seen.

#EssentialLoveLetters was born out of this space of asking how we can care for each other in a time when virtual presence is essential. So, here’s how it works: there are two google forms on this page of my website. If you would like to receive a letter for yourself or a friend, fill out the recipient form. If you’d like to write a letter, fill out the writer form. They will all go through the Essential Love Letters email address, where one recipient will receive one letter, and it will remain anonymous to both the recipient and letter-writer. This will allow us to send encouragement and love in a time of safe social distancing.

Right now, we are all needed to do our part.

There are many who are working extra-long, hard hours to get us through this pandemic. Doctors and nurses, researchers, nursing home workers, mental health workers, teachers, city workers, postal workers, grocery store clerks and managers, and so many more are carrying responsibilities that weigh heavy on their hearts, minds and bodies.

And beyond that, people who are mourning their loved ones’ deaths without a hug or touch to comfort them—they are essential, necessary, living in a time when words can bring a little comfort, a speck of healing.

So, whether you’re the recipient of the letter or the one writing it, thank you.

You are a part of Us, and I believe in Us.

Let’s take care of each other as best we can.

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