As little children, we flocked to our piles of books, our public libraries, just dying to breathe in the worlds beneath bound covers, the adventures in script and print.

And oral societies all over the world held on to the stories they told generations back, and still sit around the campfire and repeat the forever-powerful words: the lives of the people, the hearts and souls, the stories of mankind and relationship.

We live stories, and we become part of each other when one story carries another, when one arm links another, when fingers intertwine.

We live stories so that I may begin where you end, so that our intersecting may become the very breath of God.

God in humanity, God in our midst.

We’re the storytellers of our day, brave and bold, surrounded by life well-lived.

Gather to the fire.

Gather to the storybook corner,

to the hearth and flame,

and let’s tell one another how we’ve come to this place.

Please join me as we celebrate each other’s stories, eclectic and real, broken and whole, finished and open-ended.

I’m so glad you’re here.


11 thoughts on “OUR STORIES

  1. Hey Kaitlyn,

    I met you a few years ago at MSSU when you sang to my class. It was a wonderful song and I have looked online a few times to find it, but my searches haven’t turned up anything. I believe its titled “You’re a Soldier Now” or something along those lines. If you have it posted anywhere, I’d love to hear it again.

    • Chelsea,

      Thanks for commenting! I actually don’t have that song recorded, but I should have done that a long time ago. I do have a CD that I recorded of some of my other songs, I sell those for $10.

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  5. Hi Kaitlin, I feel so blessed to have found your site, having first read ‘Have We Missed Who jesus Is Altogether?’ on Sojourners. Thus, I was doubly blessed to have read ‘We Don’t Get To Choose Who Gets Peace’ as well. You have a wonderful gift. Looking forward to commiserating together in Christ and putting our politics aside.

    From a not-so-bad Trump voter.

    Thank you and many blessings.

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