Dear President Trump, Every Tuesday now, I gather with my boys (so far) at a local coffee shop to write you these letters. I write to you because I want you to know my story. I write you these letters in hopes that one day my boys will feel empowered to write letters to whoever […]

Answers in a World of Opposites

Some of the most frustrated people I know want to make sense of the world’s mysteries so that their lives fall into place in a way that makes sense. It’s understandable. After all, the age old question is why do bad things happen to good people? isn’t it? The most beautiful and most frustrating thing about mystery […]

7 GRATITUDES: always a sacred thread

My upcoming book is about finding glory in every season of life. One of those seasons for me was a particularly difficult one, when I was abandoned by a family member. You can read about it when my book comes out this fall, and if you read that story you’ll hear that thin place, where […]