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Dear President Trump,

I’m writing to you today about your role as a minister.

Please hear me, I am not referring to a religious leader, and I’m not referring to a place in a government department. I’m talking about this definition:

minister: v. to attend to the needs of someone.

How are you ministering today?

What person in need is receiving your attention, and who do you call worthy of that attention?

So far, I’ve not seen you interact with our “least of these.”

I’ve seen you spend time with wealthy evangelicals and politicians, with the people who golf with you.

You’ve given speeches, but they are not to lift up and revive. They are full of gloating remarks or even discriminate remarks toward people like native americans, being called Pocahontas.

Mr. President,

The first steps to truly caring for people are 1. to look them in the eyes and 2. to practice empathy toward them.

Even the people who voted for you, poor workers who trusted you, they aren’t receiving your attention today.

We need you to be a present president, who encourages and ares for not only my generation, but everyone from the youngest to the oldest.

You’ve got quite a responsibility, you see. Do not take it lightly.

I did not vote for you, but I still support a president who cares for all people.

So I charge you with the task of ministry today.

Be better to and for the nation you first sought to serve.

With Watching Eyes & Steady Hand,


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