Day 31: Lent for my Gift-Work

” True work is about enchantments.” –Eckhart

“All work is meant to be heart work: it comes out of our heart and goes to the heart. All authentic work is an effort to move other people’s hearts.” –Matthew Fox

Sometimes we ask Eliot what God is speaking to him, and he will stop a second and look at us and say, “He tells me to make people pictures when they are sick or sad.”


Now, a toddler may or may not be hearing the voice of God, but my boy knows what it means to love someone, and he knows that God has a kind heart.

So as humans, we can usually connect the dots.

And if we are aware of our gifting, of our work, of those deeds that bring life to us and help us serve others,

then that’s the voice and direction of God, the Spirit making us fruitful and also¬†happy.

So, how do we hear the voice of God, and what is our work?

How do we perceive that Spirit, know that truth, allow it to transform us?

We see who we are.

We take our passions, the things we are wired for, and we let those things show us the holy essence of our souls.

Our gifts are how God moves.

Our gifts are the manifestation of Spirit.

Our gifts bring God back to our humanity, give God to each other, make the world one of peace again.

Our gifts and work give us a glimpse of Heaven, of Kingdom, whatever that looks like.

And what does Kingdom look like?

It’s faces.

It’s hands and feet, fingertips and toenails.

It’s skin to skin and spirit to spirit.

It’s buildings and not buildings,

body and soul.


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