Day 26: Lent for my Word-Need


This last weekend I met with some dear friends and really had life-nourishing conversations about God and the way our hearts are wired to seek that Mystery on our journey.

The boys spent their days with their other-great-grandma, walking dogs and digging up worms and eat popsicles and sliding in mud and blowing bubbles– the toddler’s dream.

And I went from friend to friend, giving narrative of how we are doing and what we are up to and what Atlanta is giving to us these days.

We’d get to those hard topics of politics– church and national– and we’d decide to skip over the pain of the conversation or agree that it’s not worth the few words we’d muster to figure it out in that moment.

So, I’d escape back to the quiet again, back to the books and the pen where I read words of peace and grace.

So for the rest of Lent, I want to share some of those words with you, words of people I am discovering to be wise and loving andĀ real.

And I hope together we learn how we can do soul-work and Lent-work, even the most difficult kind.

Easter is coming, friends, and I’m not going to askĀ are we ready? because I’m not sure we’re ever really ready for the Mystery.

But I will ask that we at least lean into it, asking what it might be holding for us.

“We need to be able to plan for the future without sacrificing the present, and enjoy the present without making ourselves oblivious to the future.” –Nathaniel Branden


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