Day 25: Lent for my Returning

Today we get back on that plane and head to our current home, our little apartment with the husky too big for the space and a guy we have been missing these past seven days.

And in this return, I am full.

I understand that I may be the minority in this, who calls going home something lovely and spends time with friends as a retreat and rest period. 

I processed some things, and it’s amazing if you lean into yourself enough, how much you can learn in a morning at a coffee shop.

So I take home these things and I return to regular schedules and deacon meetings and script editing and the things that make up my day.

In the summer we are moving into a house where we will have a little more space, a lot more green, and Kingdom will look different there as we learn who we are all over again.

So it’s still Lent, we are still journeying. 

It may not be for a visit home, or on a plane back to the place where you live.

But we are all journeying, just the same. 

Hallelujah for that. 


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