Day 20: Lent for my Life Journey

“The soul, for me, is in everything in life. It is in all the beauty as well as in all the agony.” — Marion Woodman 

The other day, we celebrated. 

We gathered about 30 people together at a house across town and held a recital for these two girls that I’ve been giving guitar and vocal lessons to for a while now.

It was a celebration of gift, a picture of relationship and of worship and of the evidence of the good things that can happen when humans care for each other.

These girls bring me such joy, and between each song that they performed I was able to tell stories of our time together, the ways we laugh and share our love for music and worship.

At the end of the afternoon, the girls gave me pink roses and a bracelet and candle.

The bracelet from Rachel and Avery is a black band with a little silver charm that says JOURNEY, BLESSING, GRACE.

Is there anything else I could have asked for from these dear friends?

All of life is all of these things, in my opinion.

We journey in blessing, we breathe in grace. 

And it’s not just this particular journey, this particular season– not just the way prayers were answered in these two sweet girls–

My life has been blessing, my journey has been so covered in grace.

In the agony, in the peace, in the rest and in the exhaustion– the journey never stops, the grace never runs out, the blessing never lets go.

Hallelujah for that. 

2 thoughts on “Day 20: Lent for my Life Journey

  1. (This is not a comment, rather a sort of personal note) In case you wondered who is this mysterious German commenting every now and then: music lessons is how I got interested in you. Unfortunately I cannot say which blog it was but I found you via some other blog which praised you as a guitar teacher. I teach piano myself, and I had the great chance to study one year in Carrollton, GA , so you were naturally interesting for me – and then I found out you are much more than a music teacher. Your writing always gives me a new perspective, new insights, and somehow a wonderful sense of gratitude.

    How sweet of those two girls to show their gratitude like that! And what a great thought to organise a more private concert for them. Playing for others is such a wonderful experience of sharing love.

    1. I bet you found me from my friend Rachel at Hands Free Mama. I always appreciate your comments! Thank you for joining me here, and I love that music and words connect us to each other, even across an ocean. 🙂

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