Day 18: Lent for my Adventuring


We board a plane this morning and head to Missouri to spend some time with family for a week.

This is the boys’ first flight as big kids, so I’m expecting a tantrum or two in between making spiders out of pipe cleaners and coloring pictures for the other people on the plane.

Adventure is in the air, and we can sense it.

We are nearly half-way through Lent, half-way to Easter, when I will  feel my world gravitate back to hope and Kingdom again.

We carry Lent with us, everyday in our hearts, hoping that the longer it lingers there the more it will teach us about who we are and what we ought to be about.

For today, for this week, it’s about family, about relationship and deep roots and ancient love and bellowing¬†laughter.

It’s about the moment we say goodbye to our familiar sky-scraper-city and step foot on the midwest ground a few hours later.

It’s about the reality that if Lent is with me here, it will be with me there, always present and always whispering something that I should be listening to.

So let’s listen in together, and make adventure a part of our everyday experience until Kingdom come.



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