Remembering the Beginning: A Prayer for This Day and Age


God of Universe-Work,

help us remember who we are.

Remind us again

how it was in the beginning,

how dirt and blood and water

formed us.

We are undignified,

humbly shackled

to this kind earth.

Remind us again who

we are.

Remind us that none of us

holds enough royal blood

to cast out a brother or

deny a sister.

Remind us that our charge is

every widow


every orphan.

And when those great days of politicking

and presidential racing

fully commence

in our corner of the universe,

keep the still, small voice louder in us.

Keep us tethered to a kinder sanity,

to a fuller love,

to a humbler breathing.

Draw our attention to the

iced-over ponds

and sparkling branches,

to the few birds still singing

and the moon who shows her face, even at mid-day.

Draw our attention back to the





that once made us,

that makes us still,

human and tethered to this good earth,

tethered to the good in each other,

tethered to everything

that is in You.




“…if only we let love do its slow, meandering work.” –Rachel Held Evans


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