Be Who You’ve Always Wanted To Be…And More


Hannah and I sat by the tall, narrow windows of the tea house and talked about forward movement, future things, and what she might want to be when she grows up.

–we are all forever growing up, aren’t we?

When we’re young we are asked that question: What will you be one day?

And if you notice, some of those younger kids, they’ll spout off ten things at once.

An astronaut.

A dancer.

A mom.

A dad.

A nurse.

A trash collector.

A world saver.

A gardener.

An octopus trainer.


And as we get older, the list dwindles down and down to one or two things.

Those early dreams get put away as we examine what the most proper calling is for each of us in our adult years.

And I think there we miss something.

You and I, we may dream to be one thing and give our life to it,

and that’s beautiful.

I will always be a worship leader, because I don’t know not to be one– it’s in my blood.

But we cannot be afraid to be more.

I am, in this season,

a writer and mother,

a deaconess

and homeschooling parent.

I am a grad school partner

and a coffee shop dweller.

And any of these things may last years,

and others may end as quickly as this current season began.

But we mustn’t be afraid to be who

we need to be

in whatever season we find ourselves in.

And so we stretch and mold

and think of God as bigger than we’ve always thought.

And if we remember that,

we aren’t so afraid.

If we remember that, we find

the courage to stretch and dream and take on

whatever season we’re in.

So, we become the mom or dad or octopus trainer,

and we do it courageously.

Dream, friends,

and be who you are and more.



2 thoughts on “Be Who You’ve Always Wanted To Be…And More

  1. Good thoughts for a new year and a new start! It’s also good to re-evaluate who we wanted to be every now and then. It’s so easy to be absorbed by mundane tasks – sometimes I even forget who I AM, let alone what kind of person I dreamed of being…

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