Advent, Day 28: The Day After

Today is the day after.

Some people may not have celebrated Christmas with their families yet,

may not have joined in festivities,

celebrated with the rest of us.

But if you did,

today is more rest,

a chance to linger a little.

Today is a day to be small again,

to get low,

to look tiny.

This isn’t just to be childlike,

but to be humble-like.

This is how we don’t miss out on the big picture–

we zoom in, take perspective,

give thanks,

and come out of it with the horizon looking

like a bright new adventure.


Advent was the wait,

and though we celebrated Christ’s miracle

birth yesterday,

today there is more to wait for.

Today, we still linger in that space between,

but we linger with hope.

So we take a new perspective, but we take it on

with Spirit in our lungs,

with resolve,

with great strength

and hope,

because we hold Spirit things

inside our very bones.

So let’s pay attention,


Let’s get low

and check and see,

hoping we don’t miss a thing.


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