Advent, Day 17: a present a day


Travis and I met in the fall, and we could have gotten married that December if we’d been a little crazier– there was glitter in our eyes from the very beginning.

We sat at the neighborhood Starbucks one night, our favorite booth by a big window,

and I told him how much I loved December, Christmas, gift-giving.

And he made me a quiet promise there: a gift a day through Christmas.

One day, it was a shirt.

One morning, peanut butter cookies on my doorstep.

A Christmas CD from Starbucks.


I can’t remember now if he officially made it, but every day I knew he was thinking of me.

Every day was  a mystery, an adventure, a falling, head over heels, again and again.

Gift-giving is my language, my call, the way I move.

And so Christmas is an extra magical time of year.

And Trav knew that.

If we pay attention to the people around us, we’d pick up who they are, how they operate, what makes them giddy as a child.

Jesus was a servant; he washed feet, healed wounds, and gave good gifts.

If we just learn each other a little better, more Advent promises will be fulfilled through us–

in this Kingdom wait, we care for one another, bless each other, give of ourselves–

even if it’s an evening of baking cookies,

a quiet coffee date in the booth by the corner,

or a reconciliation that’s needed to happen for a while.


Who are you thinking of this Christmas season?

Learn to speak their language.

Kingdom come.

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