Advent, Day 15: the end of all fear

If you’ve got snowy air where you are, you might notice the world atmosphere mixing in with all that frosty white– it seems an air of fear has smogged up our once peaceful spaces and many are afraid.

Do you remember the story of young Mary and dear Joseph?

They made a long journey, Mary full-bellied and Joseph full-worried, both holding the mystery of the gigantic future ahead.

Maybe they were afraid.

And maybe they felt like they didn’t belong.


And when Herod executed many just to try and find their only son, a Savior-son, they may have been more afraid than most.

But a deeper hope ran through their veins, and that baby that lay swaddled in his mama’s arms–

that baby was the end of their fear.

Today our hopes may be dimmed by what we are afraid of–

fears created and stirred into the air we breathe.

May we be people of hope,

people who follow in the steps of Mary and of Joseph and of so many others who came after,

people who walked against their fear,

with courage in their bones and the reality of Emmanuel, God With Us

in their every step.

Do not be afraid, dear ones,

for it is indeed Advent,

the end of all fear. 

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