Day 11 of Advent: the emotional Savior

Thank God that You, Jesus,

were born into humanity, with the full

spectrum of our known emotions within


You cried  hungry cries and maybe threw a

toddler tantrum or two.

As a grown man, You tore the tablecloths

off tables and seethed at the rich rulers,

the ones who threw rocks at Your people.

You laughed as You watched

little Zacchaeus shimmy down that tree.

You wept for Lazarus;

You cried blood before Your death;

You held Your mama tight

before You said a short goodbye.


So since we’re human, too, we can trust that 

You’ll get it

when we laugh so hard we split at the seams and

when we cry so hard we can hardly breathe.

You’ll get it

when we seethe with anger

and learn to control it (or not),

when we are trying

our hardest just to






that You understand that full


and that Your presence as the manger baby brought it all

here, to us.


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