Advent, Day 7: a holiday for the weary

“…lay before him what is in us, not what ought to be in us.” –CS Lewis





On some mornings during this Advent season, we wake up weary.

We are tired and worn thin, and we can see right through each other, our vulnerability being the biggest fear of all.

But when You came, You broke open the floodgates.

With Your appearance, we became something new, and our vulnerability created a space to be seen and known and cared for.

So, our greatest fears come to life– our inner selves laid bare–and yet, we are known by this tiny Babe, an angel singing over His cave-crib. 

We wake weary, but after we rub our temples and squeeze our eyes open, we place our feet on the ground, and ask for Your infant-presence to surround us,

to remind us that it’s okay to flail,

it’s okay to get through the holiday in a few broken pieces.

You give us permission to be human again.

Thank You.




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