Advent, Day 2: burning embers

We burned an early fire at our little hearth this year.

The temperatures dropped a little lower a little earlier, so we ran to the store for firewood.

After the logs turned to embers and became ash, we went about our evening. We’d forgotten the way the heat lingers on.

Isaiah, my 2-year old, reached out and touched the glass door to the fireplace with his index finger and howled out in pain. After a few kisses, all was well.

We certainly know the danger of a fire’s touch, but can we also be in awe of her unique power?


The Spirit of Jesus burned bright in His chest, His heart the heated embers that kept ablaze for years and years-that still burn for us today.

The warmth of who He is draws us, just as it drew those wise, wandering men.

May we get close enough to know the power of His love.

May He set our hearts ablaze.


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