30 Days of Advent: Reflections and Prayers for the Christmas Season

30 days of advent

A lot of people I know take a little break from social media when December rolls around– a time to focus on being present with family and friends.

But for those of us here, present in the online world, there is also work to be done in encouraging and preparing one another for the coming of Christmas.

We’ve got beautiful Advent reflections by Bonhoeffer sitting in a book next to the recliner, and my boys have bound pages full of stories that center on the Christ-child.

So why not here, where our fingers meet the keyboard, where we watch Christmas unfold for all the world to see?

For the next 30 days of Advent, I’m sharing a daily reflection or prayer with you– words to help us remember why the magic of Advent is so magical, indeed.

So, let’s turn our hearts to that cave of a manger, where bright light burst forth from the womb of a teenage girl.

Join me in praying every-day kinds of prayers and reflecting on every-day sorts of moments, in celebration of the world Jesus entered into on the day He was born.

A Prayer for today, the first day of Advent:

Jesus– baby, young boy, weathered man–

the whole of You brings us to the light

of a new day.

And where there is darkness,

we remember how You were born

on a starry night,

those stars shining in your infant eyes.

Pull us close today, 

away from busyness and dread,

away from pride or self-anything.

Pull us from ourselves and into Your humanity,

our dear Emmanuel.


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