Making Muffins in the Land of Moriah: A Letter to my Son

Jon Eliot,

Once a man named Abraham took his son to a mountain. There at the mountain, God spoke to Abraham and told him that He would provide in all things. He told Abraham that he could trust Him.

Baby, he did something really hard when he walked up that mountain with his little boy.

You know how Daddy always tells you how proud he is of you? Abraham was proud of his son, Isaac, too. And God was proud of Abraham.

Eliot, we’re in a new season, and sometimes it will be hard. Sometimes there will be big mountains and we’ll be asked to walk through thick weeds and scary slopes, and when we get to the top, we’ll have to remember– together– to trust Jesus in everything we do, everyday. We’ll have to remember that there was once a mountain where a man stood with his boy.

People talk about it like this:

On the mount of the Lord it will be provided. –Genesis 22

Can I tell you what I think?

I think that when we make muffins together, we share in something more than dough mixing and egg whisking and berry dropping.

I think we create peace in the midst of weeds, and I think that when we sit together and enjoy those muffins, we say that we’ve made it, together, to the safe place.



mixing berrydrop hat



Suffering means that sometimes things get really hard. Sometimes things can get confusing, even, and sometimes our hearts can get really wobbly and we feel pretty unsteady.

But on the mountain, God gave Abraham exactly what he needed. And I think He’ll always give us what we need, too.

Thanks for making muffins with me in that super awesome hat.

I love you.




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