Marriage Letters: once upon a time, in dreams

We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout…

Okay, now, I am not totally sure what a pepper sprout is, but we definitely got married in a fever, Love.

We had our big husky, who you found on a rock in the Arkansas Ozarks. You lured him into the car with an orange, and you brought him home to me– our wedding gift from God.

We dreamt of Ugandan soil, and that was just the beginning. We saw our babies digging their little hands into that red dirt, eating mangoes fresh off the trees. We’d reside in Kampala and live the crazy muzungu life. We’d love passionately.

Because we got married 7 months after we met (remember that fever?), we walked through the rough patch of year one, most definitely feeling the heaviness of young and selfish love. And still, we dreamt of the future. We dreamt and dreamt and you went to India and we spent our one-year anniversary by the Nile River. We’ve always imagined big things.

But this is what I love about us: the big things are certainly the big things, but they are all the small things, as well.

Back then, 5 years back, it was the gift of a husky and it was the gift of money to pay our bills. You ate cinnamon for $100, and our heat stayed on one more month.

Back then, it was the big move to Arkansas, all because of a little meeting at an art gallery.

Back then, 2 years back, it was a BIG newborn boy and a rejection to a PhD program. Big things, little things, everything in between.

Back then, it was the dream of writing music and teaching classes.

Back then and even now, it’s a peaceful home wherever we are, for anyone who enters in.

And we’re still dreamers, my love. Yes, we process these dreams differently, but they are still there, taking deep roots of hope within us. Together, we dream.

It was my favorite thing about us then, and it’s my favorite thing about us now.

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