He is Jealous…

He is jealous for me…

I inserted the Gilmore Girls disc into the Mac about 4 times, and still nothing. Black. Finally, a message popped up with an error, some weird phrase about global something or other that I’m pretty sure doesn’t really exist.

You know those quiet moments of winding down, when your body just wants to sit, mindless, your mouth sipping coffee and your eyes focused on your favorite TV show?

Then that still, small, sweetness of a voice beckons, Come, spend time with me…

Oh, the piercing in my gut! No, I whine, I don’t want to…

What a baby.

Actually, what a brat.

After the 3rd time of trying to insert the DVD, I surrender. Okay. Okay. I know. And that little spark of sweetness takes over my spirit.

Eliot just sat in his bouncy chair for about an hour today, watching me cook in the kitchen.

Shouldn’t it be enough to just sit and watch Jesus cook? Listen to Him sing to me, teach me, simply entertain me with His love and kindness?

He is jealous for me…

Oh friend, you and I are so unworthy, and yet…



The laptop is off and the pen is writing. The Word of Peace and Truth and Reconciliation is open and my precious, jealous Friend is showing me how to cook in the kitchen.

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