Lessons in the Newness: messy houses and busy days

It’s been weeks since I’ve entered this world.

I’d like to tell you where I’ve been. Let me warn you, it’s disheveled and wonderful. It’s confusing and blessed.

The past few weeks have been full of moving, graduating, accepting, celebrating, mourning, re-evaluating. They have been full of change and chaos with few quiet moments.

We moved into a house five lots down the street. Days have been spent moving items big and small, back and forth, carloads full. Friends entered and exited, arms full, mouths smiling at the goodness of what God has done. Others filled SUV’s and lent trucks, brought us meals and Sonic drinks. Mom watched our little man, who looked around the room with wide eyes, because he had no idea where he was.

The past few weeks have been a frenzied celebration of all that God seems to have redeemed: lost dreams and broken hearts, unknown futures and fear of what the path ahead looks like.

The path looks like the morning view outside our bedroom window. The blue tints of sky make their way past the windowpanes, cutting through the brown, sheer curtains. The sun is out and we are on our own little mountaintop, pine trees in the backyard and glory all around. The dogs lay in their shade and wait for the morning meal. They hunt squirrels and birds all afternoon. We enter midmorning with coffee in our hands, Eliot on our laps, the front yard giving us sight from the hill.

Travis graduated with his Master’s Degree, got accepted to Seminary, and was offered a teaching position for the Fall and Spring. We’ve watched as pieces have fallen into place. Those why’s I asked God are answered one by one, and my heart is slowly healing, perfect salve placed over the burns and cuts.

The chaos is all over the place, but things are slowly winding down. Summer is here with its Margaritas, its fellowship, its sweet communion with coffee shops and nature and Jesus. This place is a safe haven and a peaceful refuge for us.

He said no to beautiful things, and then He said yes to the beautiful things He actually intended for us.

And that is just the nature of God.

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