The Coming Months of Glory and Heat

We sat outside in the backyard with our coffee, dogs and son. We made plans.

A trip to the Tulsa zoo. Climbing at least once a week. No television in the living room. Exercise. Outdoor trips at least twice a week. More reading. More French. People over. The drive-in. Mornings together. Freshness. Newness. Life.

A summertime bucket list of sorts began to grow as the months ahead blossomed before our eyes. In one week, graduation. The chapter we opened now brings us to its last page, last sentence reading: Congratulations, Class of 2012.  In two weeks, a new house.

A garden view from the kitchen window. A shaded backyard. That little wooden table that always makes the perfect breakfast nook. Freshly painted walls. A bigger kitchen. Couches and bouncy chairs and benches. A fire pit.

Tomorrow, the Farmer’s Market.

May is upon us, and we must keep our eyes open and feet moving, lest we miss the life and goodness of it all.

For now, we drink our margaritas and relax.

Summer is here.

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