Share it all…with one another

We gathered together in one house made of stones. We shared dessert, drank coffee, gathered further, and squeezed into one room to share our “One Anothers”.

Words were read, words of life. Words like, His imprint and the brightness of His glory.

We spoke of spurs. Lindi commented on their significance; she knew that using spurs on a horse calls for more and more, just as we call to each other for more and more.

Emily spoke of her long standing in communities unlike this one. She spoke about her thankfulness and how we are all in need of being in need. That’s how the spurring begins.

We read that “our hearts” are “sprinkled,” and we vowed to meet together, to love together, to do good to one another–together.

And then we did it. We listened and cried. We poured out, sang out. We loved and we meant it. We stayed up late, and we still can’t sleep, because we know that tomorrow brings more chances.

These are the people I get to spend my days with. These are the spurers and the sprinkled.

“You’re never the same after you encounter the love of God.” –Kim Walker

This is my encounter, the hands that do good by the Spirit.

These are the lips that speak life, the hearts that love as they are led.

These are the fires that burn through the night.

I’ll take this life with them over darkness;

I’ll take this simplicity over charm.

We’ll walk in peace together, as one;

We’ll greet Jesus with our arms-in-arms.

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