Marriage Letters: I know you love me when…


I know you love me when…

You smile as I pull my coffee out of the microwave for the tenth time, even though you think it’s disgusting and a total insult to the spirit of Java.

I know you love me when we fight, I close up, and not even an hour later you have me wrapped up tight in your arms, even laughing. I never thought I’d sort of enjoy fighting with someone.

I know you love me when you compliment my housekeeping. We’ve made a home here, and I wouldn’t have it with anyone else.

I know you love me when…

You hold me close as I cry.
You thank me for my hard work.
You call me beautiful–and mean it.
You kiss me and always say you want more.
You find me in the kitchen completely overwhelmed, and moments later have me totally surrendered, fear gone, calm in the midst of this life-storm.

I knew you loved me when Jill said that she had never, in her entire life, seen a man so much in love with his bride on their wedding day.

Your eyes give you away, my love…
and I absolutely know you love me.


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  1. One day when we are older… we’ll gather around a fire place, take out all the notes we used to write one another and then read your letters. Kait, thank you for your words.

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