Let us explore the child inside us today, with heightened senses, astonished at the little things in life.

There are moments when I stop what I am doing and take a short peek into the future…

I pull out my planner and see what’s happening this week and next; I close my eyes and imagine what to tomorrow will bring.

Sometimes in these moments, something happens. My heart stirs–jumps–no, BURSTS with a giddy excitement at life soon to be lived. It is a Heartburst in that moment that swims to the surface of my innermost being.

When I think about my yearly Christmas routine of watching The Family Stone and A Christmas Carol as I hold Eliot and wrap presents–Heartburst.

When I watch Travis begin to climb again and imagine our family outings, walks through the hills and along the rock face–Heartburst.

When I look over my schedule and see Wednesday night blocked off for sweet fellowship with some of the best friends I have ever known–Heartburst.

Daydreaming (and night-dreaming) about the possibility of a future in a new town, with new community, surrounded by an almost-Ivy League, snowy atmosphere–Heart. Burst.

Thinking about the days I get to spend at home with Jon Eliot without the heavy shadow of schoolwork taking all of my attention–Heartburst.

Looking to the future for the days that I get to go back to classes once again to enjoy the taking in of knowledge that only school learning can bring-Heartburst.

Remembering once again that I am covered by holy blood, forgiven, free, and forever loved–full on, incomprehensible Heartburst.

Look deep, savor moments like these, and find your Heartburst. It makes the day more enjoyable, I promise.

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