The Waiting Game…a life journey

Spending time with two sweet sister-friends this morning reminded me of the beauty of waiting. Martha and Sarah have been waiting, searching, asking for the next step to be laid out before them, and they are finally embarking. Their path is leading them away to a whole new community, a whole new life experience, and I am blessed to see it happen.

While sitting on our couches sipping coffee, Sarah said, “Isn’t that all of life really? Waiting…” Indeed, we are all in seasons of expectant patience or impatience as we wait:

Waiting for that house to sell, that school to accept, that job to take, that baby to come, that cold to go, that meal to be made, that semester to end, that tax money to come in.

Waiting for that Savior to come.

I get lost in the all too earthly, selfish waiting of my every day life to remember that the wait for the ultimate and eternal is right in front of me, always surrounding me.

Today we sent two dear friends off to their next adventure, to this place and this door that has opened wide for the both of them. What a treasure, after such a long period of waiting.

And still, we sit and wait for our own dream, our own door.
And the funny thing is, we really have no idea what to expect. We have no idea what will actually unfold.
So, while we wait expectantly for what we think we want, a much more Sovereign One waits to lead us on in the path everlasting…patience for our impatient souls.

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  1. ah.. yes this waiting is so much a part of life. I think it gets easier as I get older, but still.
    and thanks for your comment one my post, I wanted to email reply but couldn’t find one:)

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