Baby Dedication

ded·i·cate (via

   [v. ded-i-keyt; adj. ded-i-kit]  Show IPAverb, -cat·ed, -cat·ing, adjective

verb (used with object)


to set apart and consecrate to a deity or to a sacred purpose: The ancient Greeks dedicated many shrines to Aphrodite.

to devote wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose: He dedicated his life to fighting corruption.

to offer formally (a book, piece of music, etc.) to a person,cause, or the like in testimony of affection or respect, as on a prefatory page.

(loosely) to inscribe a personal signature on (a book,drawing, etc., that is one’s own work), usually with a salutation addressing the recipient.

to mark the official completion or opening of (a publicbuilding, monument, highway, etc.), usually by formal ceremonies.
In how many ways can I apply these definitions to what happened today? We stood before a congregation and held our baby up, Lion King style, in a way. We called for the people who sat before us to be a part of his life, to stand in his behalf for the many years to come.
And Eliot, we called to be set apart. We called for him to be devoted wholly and earnestly to a purpose. We offered him up. We claimed that his name is inscribed and set for God. This day stood as a sort of opening for his life; a new day in which he will walk in the light that our family sets before him.
Our friend stated it this way: parents are not to walk this alone; community was created for parents to have influence over their childrens’ lives, and for encouragement along the hard and narrow path.
Those who pray, those who intercede, those who instruct and give and delight in and love. This is what we gave Eliot to this morning. We gave him up to God, and asked for help in the journey. How blessed we are to call him one who is dedicated to something, to Someone.
May he walk in the light. Forever. 

2 thoughts on “Baby Dedication

  1. I love this! We’re having Josephine dedicated this month, so I just have to borrow this. Thank you! Can’t wait to meet your little one!

  2. we stand with you in this, and it is one of our very highest honors.

    with a lump in my gulper, I know for sure we’ll be held accountable for this.

    i love you, sister.

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