ImageI’ve been wondering lately…when did sleep become such a priceless commodity?

My body wakes every morning, craving the caffeine that only a cup of coffee can provide, though not nearly adequate enough to revive me from the five hours of wide awake, non-sleep I received the night before.

Despite this restlessness, I find strength and joy in the face of my nine-week old son, who welcomes each morning with enthusiastic grinning, shrieking and cooing. He rests in the promises of his Creator, promises that proclaim, “The Lord gives sleep to His beloved,” or “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, O Lord, make me to dwell in safety.” 

My son welcomes these blessings every evening before his eyes close, and at dawn when his body emerges (sometimes for the 6th time) out of rest, his whole being rejoices.

I understand only small pieces of what the promise of sleep truly brings…

Sleep is the promise of waking on the other side;

It is the assurance of dreams that no one else could ever dream.

It can come as a gentle whisper, or blow in as a mighty wind…

It revives the soul.

Last night, Sleep promised me that not having it would be alright.

Last night, Sleep taught me that it is not the same thing as rest…but rest is what I’ve got.

Rest, blessings, and one happy baby boy. 

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