This morning I sat on my living room couch with Jon Eliot, reminded of a friend who is saying goodbye today to her husband for a few weeks. As I thought of her and prayed for her, I reflected on the blessing of life experienced with friends. There is nothing like sharing this “communion” with one another. Despite how unique and uncommon each of our paths appear to be, we are held together by bonds that cannot be broken by the physical, mental, or spiritual.

We are bound by the joys of birth and the blessed challenge of motherhood.

We are held together by the sting of tragedy, and yet we rejoice over the building of a home, the healing of a son.

We bear with one another in expectation of the future, waiting for answers, praying for truth.

We are one, across state lines, beyond borders, through the trappings of time.

We are ongoing and constant.

We take communion together.

It is life-sharing, path-sharing, beautiful and sweet…koinonia.

2 thoughts on “Koinonia

  1. Marriage is like this too, but Community has been the greatest source of healing and sanctification to my heart. It shows me where I need to grow, gives me examples to follow, and gives when I deserve the least.

    How did I get to be part of this family?

  2. Oh Amber, I ask that question every day. I think it started with “So we’ve been hanging out with the Masons…” and ended (no, continued) with us singing “Give Me Jesus” last night. You all are so much too good for me.

    Kait, I love your words. I’m glad you’re blogging!

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